WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The electronic cigarette VAPE is a device that gives you the feeling of smoking a cigarette without ingesting nicotine. Many of you may have heard that VAPE, which has been a hot topic, is effective for smoking cessation. In order for VAPE to help you quit smoking, you need to have the right knowledge and methods. This time, we will introduce from general smoking cessation methods to smoking cessation methods using VAPE, and the secret to its success.

Difference between electronic cigarette and cigarette

There are two main types of electronic cigarettes: heat-not-burn cigarettes such as Aikos and Glow, and VAPE. So what's the difference between heat-not-burn tobacco, VAPE, and traditional cigarettes? In this paragraph, we will compare the characteristics of each of the four items, such as health and price.

Smoke generated

Cigarettes burn tobacco leaves by directly igniting them, and the smoke generated contains many harmful substances such as tar that have an adverse effect on the human body. On the other hand, although tobacco leaves are used as the raw material, heat-not-burn tobacco is heated at a relatively low temperature using an electronic circuit without burning. It is said that tar and other harmful substances contained in the steam of heat-not-burn tobacco are cut by 90% or more compared to cigarettes. And the liquid called liquid used in VAPE does not contain tobacco leaves in the first place. The main components of VAPE liquid are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, both of which are safe ingredients used in food additives, so steam contains almost no harmful substances.


When you smoke cigarette smoke, you take in harmful substances such as tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide that are generated when you burn tobacco leaves. As a result, cigarettes have various adverse effects on the health of smokers themselves. Heat-not-burn tobacco produces a small amount of tar in the process of heating tobacco leaves, but it is no different from cigarettes in that it consumes nicotine. You can choose liquids with little or no nicotine. As for the ingredients of the liquid, it can be said that there is no need to worry because the substances that have been confirmed to be safe for the human body are used.

How much do vapes cost

When you smoke a cigarette, you only need a lighter to ignite and the cigarette itself, so the initial cost is the cheapest. In the case of VAPE, disposable vape cost anywhere from $1 to $15 each or more. Rechargeable starter kits with multiple pods can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 or more. Vaping can cost anywhere from $387 to $5082.50 per year. When compared to smoking, if for example, you smoke a pack a day, it can cost you $2087.8 to $5091.75 dollars per year. Vaping in this scenario is cheaper than smoking.

Impact on the surroundings

The sidestream smoke generated from the tip of a lit cigarette contains two to three times more harmful substances than the mainstream smoke smoked by smokers because it is not filtered. The fact that there are many harmful substances means that health hazards will also increase, and consideration for people around us regarding second-hand smoke has become a social problem. Another problem with cigarettes is that tar contained in smoke has a peculiar odor and yellow pigment, and the odor and pigment easily permeate clothes and room walls.

Heat-not-burn tobacco does not generate sidestream smoke, so you do not have to worry about second-hand smoke. However, there is a peculiar odor containing acidity, which is commonly called "popcorn odor", which is especially noticeable in Aikos where the heating temperature is high. Some models and manufacturers have less odor, but it is important to consider the surroundings when using it. As for VAPE, since the raw material does not contain tobacco leaves or nicotine, there is no need to worry about second-hand smoke, and there is no popcorn odor like heat-not-burn tobacco. However, propylene glycol, which is one of the main components of liquid, is a harmful substance for cats. If your cat continues to take it, you should be careful to smoke it in a place where there are no cats, as it can lead to addiction and cause ignimbrites.

Can I quit smoking with an electronic cigarette? What is the latest research result?

E-cigarettes have a short history since their birth, the number of studies is small, and the results of long-term studies have not been published. However, according to research published by the UK Ministry of Health, the health hazards of using e-cigarettes are up to 95% lower than traditional cigarettes. Given this low toxicity, we have decided that e-cigarettes can be a smoking cessation aid.

In World, there are positive and negative research results on the question of whether VAPE helps quit smoking. Due to the special circumstances that heat-not-burn tobacco became more popular than VAPE, the fact is that no clear answer has been given due to the ambiguity of the definition of the word electronic cigarette. However, it has already been proven that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, so it can be said that e-cigarettes can be a sufficient quit smoking support tool if used correctly.

Differences between general smoking cessation methods and smoking cessation methods using electronic cigarettes

In general, there are several possible ways to start quitting smoking. In this paragraph, we will explain the differences between typical smoking cessation methods and smoking cessation methods using electronic cigarettes.

When using smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches

Smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum have the effect of gradually absorbing nicotine into the body through the skin and mouth. It is used to relieve the symptoms of nicotine deficiency that accompany smoking cessation. On the other hand, when trying to quit smoking with VAPE, the purpose is to inhale smoke like a cigarette and give a simulated experience of smoking to dispel loneliness. You can't take nicotine, so it's quite different from using a smoking cessation aid. If you feel lonely after successfully quitting smoking with a smoking cessation aid, you can also enjoy VAPE without taking nicotine.

See a doctor at a non-smoking outpatient clinic

If you take a nicotine addiction test and meet certain conditions, you can use your health insurance to receive smoking cessation treatment under the guidance of your doctor. For non-smoking outpatients, it is necessary to visit the hospital 5 times over 12 weeks, and nicotine-free medicines are prescribed depending on the patient's situation. It is important to note that the prescribed medicine contains ingredients that make cigarettes feel unpleasant and have strong side effects.

If you are an outpatient, you can quit smoking while consulting with your doctor, but it will be up to you to decide whether you can continue to quit smoking after the hospital visit. On the other hand, in the case of quitting smoking by VAPE, if you can find the flavor and body that suits you, you can continue without going to the hospital or needing medicine. In addition, the VAPE specialty store has staff with detailed knowledge about VAPE. One of the merits of aiming to quit smoking with VAPE is to have the staff teach you how to choose a VAPE for smoking cessation by visiting a physical store.

How to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette VAPE

In order to use VAPE to quit smoking on your own without relying on medicines or doctors, what points should you be careful about? In this paragraph, we'll also give you tips on how to quit smoking and how to succeed.

The secret to successful smoking cessation

It is difficult to quit smoking just by switching from cigarettes to VAPE. In order to increase the success rate of quitting smoking, it is important to know how to use VAPE well. From here, let's take a look at the secrets to successful smoking cessation with VAPE.

  • Find your favorite liquid
    VAPE liquids are sold in countless types by vape manufacturer. With a wide range of choices, it's highly likely that you'll find the liquid you like. If you can find a liquid that seems to be more delicious than a cigarette, the distance to successful smoking cessation will be greatly reduced. Also, in order to search for liquids efficiently, it is important to use a VAPE specialty store where you can try and smoke products. It's a good idea to find a store that has a wide selection of products and professional staff who can give you advice.

  • Do not completely eliminate nicotine from the beginning
    If you reduce the amount of nicotine you take from the beginning to zero, the reaction will be great and you will tend to reach for cigarettes. First, supplement half of the cigarettes you smoke in a day with VAPE, and as you get used to it, gradually reduce the number of cigarettes and finally aim for nicotine zero, so that you can move to VAPE without stress. Also, some smokers habitually smoke even though their bodies don't really want nicotine. In such cases, you can expect a great smoke reduction effect just by changing the amount you smoke in your habit to VAPE. When you go out, take measures such as carrying only VAPE as much as possible, and reduce the amount of cigarettes little by little without overdoing it. People who smoke cigarettes often hear that it is easier to quit smoking by first shifting to heat-not-burn tobacco and then switching to VAPE, so why not try a step-by-step approach to quitting smoking? Is not it.

To be satisfied with zero nicotine

After successfully using VAPE to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes, the next step is to make a complete transition to VAPE and reduce the amount of nicotine you consume to zero. The chances of a successful quit smoking increase if you have the knowledge to be satisfied with VAPE without taking any nicotine. From here, let's take a look at the tips for satisfying with VAPE with zero nicotine content.

  • Increase the amount of smoke
    Enjoying a rich taste by generating a small amount of steam with VAPE is called suitable smoke, while enjoying a large amount of steam itself is called explosive smoke. Even if it is not a vape, you can feel a firm suction even with a nicotine-free VAPE by setting a large amount of steam. The amount of vapor can be changed by factors such as the resistance value of the coil inside the atomizer and the component ratio of the liquid. Also, if it is a technical mod for beginners, it is possible to change the amount of steam by adjusting the voltage and power.

  • Choose a liquid with a firm throat
    The throat you feel when you inhale the vapor is also very important for a smooth transition from cigarettes to VAPE. When you inhale the smoke of a cigarette, you will feel a nicotine-derived stimulus called a throat kick in your throat. If you can experience a similar feeling with VAPE, you can say that it is easy to switch from cigarettes without feeling stress. Former smokers often choose tobacco flavors for liquids that taste similar to tobacco. However, it is said that it is the menthol flavor that you can actually feel a firm throat. Menthol flavors are especially popular, and the variety of products makes it easy to find your favorite taste.

Why VAPE is good for smoking cessation

There are several reasons why VAPE is said to be suitable for smoking cessation. In this paragraph, I will explain three reasons in detail.

The amount of smoke can be adjusted

With VAPE, you can adjust the amount of steam according to the settings of the main body and the components of the liquid. First of all, the atomizer of VAPE has an air passage hole called air flow, and the amount of steam can be adjusted by the size of this hole. Not all atomizers have adjustments, but larger holes produce more smoke and smaller holes produce less. If you are worried about the surrounding eyes if there is too much smoke when you smoke outside, it is a good idea to set the hole small.

As for the coil inside the atomizer, the lower the resistance value, the higher the electric power and the more steam is generated. If you use VAPE for vape, it will consume more liquid, so it is recommended to choose a larger tank to store the liquid. In addition, one of the characteristics of vegetable glycerin, which is one of the components of liquid, is that it increases the amount of vapor generated when heated. If you want to use it in a blast, it is a good idea to choose a liquid with a high proportion of vegetable glycerin.

You can choose your favorite flavor

In the VAPE industry, vape manufacturers are competing to release unique liquids one after another. There are a wide variety of liquid flavors, and there is no end to the list of typical ones, such as TTZO by IHAVE VAPING offering menthol, fruit, sweets and beverages.  The best way to enjoy flavors is not only to find an existing flavor that you like, but also to blend multiple flavors. It will be fun to create only one original flavor in the world from an infinite number of combinations.

Some are compatible with heat-not-burn tobacco cartridges

Some models of VAPE can be used with a commercially available Plumetech cigarette capsule. There are also products on the market that allow you to set a cigarette capsule simply by attaching a special drip tip to the stick-type or pen-type body. If you attach a cigarette capsule, you can take nicotine even with VAPE, so it can be said that it is a recommended type for people who suddenly find it difficult to quit smoking.