WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a cigarette rod, a cloudizer, a suction nozzle, a charger, and a pod. By using a large-capacity battery to generate electricity, the e-liquid in the atomizer is atomized, simulating the smoke generated during smoking, and the source The nicotine liquid in tobacco is turned into vapor for users to smoke. It can even add chocolate, mint and other flavored spices to the pipe according to personal preference.

People who smoke all the year round will carry a strong smell of smoke on their bodies. This smell will permeate your clothes, hair and even household items. This smell is a disaster for non-smokers. The smell of smoke has received disapproval from lovers and children.

And electronic cigarettes do not emit a disgusting smell of snuff, and now there are various fresh flavors of e-liquids such as fruit flavor, mint flavor, ice cream flavor, etc. When smoking electronic cigarettes, the aroma and sweet taste will be produced, and can quickly Evaporate and disappear into the air.

E-cigarettes are healthier than traditional tobacco

Electronic cigarette is a non-combustible electronic atomization device. It adopts advanced microelectronic technology and physical atomization technology to atomize the nicotine dilution extracted from tobacco into smoke, and humanizedly simulate the whole process of smoking. The main components of e-liquid are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade spices, nicotine (optionally added) and water. VG and PG are commonly used food additives and are not harmful to the human body. Moreover, there is no combustion process in electronic cigarettes, so tar and second-hand smoke will not be produced, thus eliminating many carcinogens in traditional tobacco.

No secondhand smoke

The smoke produced by e-cigarettes is actually water vapor, which disappears into the air in a few seconds. Electronic cigarettes do not have a combustion process, and do not produce tar and other substances like cigarettes, so there is no second-hand smoke problem for people around smokers.

Electronic cigarettes that do not dislike odors and water vapor

I don't dislike it even at the dining table, my shoulders don't get narrow

Recently, as a person who smokes, I have a rather narrow shoulder. This is because smoking cessation and smoking cessation are becoming more widespread in cafes, bars, and family restaurants.

Even if I smoke in the smoking area, I can't smoke because I can feel the line of sight from people in the nearby seats.

Also, as I smoke, I don't feel like inhaling the smoke of other people's cigarettes or the smell of cigarette butts and ashtrays when I eat.

For those who don't like cigarettes, it's more.

Does not cause discomfort

But with electronic cigarettes, you don't have to worry about that. Unlike conventional cigarettes, it absorbs and exhales water vapor, so it does not emit smoke or unpleasant odors, so it does not cause discomfort to the people around it.

The only smell is the faint scent of the liquid electronic cigarette. Since it is not sidestream smoke, it does not cause smoke or smoke, so it does not bother people around you. It does not spoil the taste and aroma of the delicious food in front of you.

Care for the smell of cigarettes is very difficult, and it is smart with electronic cigarettes.

No need for odor care

E-cig are especially recommended for female smokers.

Since it is a nicotine-free liquid, it does not have the odor of conventional tobacco tar or tar.

Therefore, clothes and hair will not be soaked with unpleasant odors. You don't have to worry about bad breath or yellowing of your teeth.

To prevent bad breath, conventional cigarettes do not have the hassle of smoking one cigarette, brushing teeth, and etiquette such as deodorant spray.

(More specifically, even if you brush your teeth well or spray deodorant, it seems that people who do not smoke will be immediately exposed.)

In that sense, electronic cigarettes can be said to be an item for women. Isn't it?

Enjoy according to the scene

For those who want to reduce the number of cigarettes or quit smoking, it has become popular because it allows you to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes at your own timing while retaining the feeling of smoking conventional cigarettes. increase.

We believe that e-cigarettes will make a positive difference in your life.

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