WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Recently, the seventh annual Vapouround Awards 2022 came to an end in Birmingham, England, and thousands of atomizer brands participated in the fierce selection, in this "foggy" industry arena, there is always no smoke and mirrors competition, and finally, IHAVE with its "hard strength" breakthrough, won the "Best New Brand" award.

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As the Oscar-level awards in the global electronic atomization field, Vapouround Awards is the most authoritative global electronic atomization industry Vapouround established the industry's global annual awards, to recognize the outstanding contribution of the global electronic atomization brands and products.

With its unique brand characteristics, leading atomization industry technology, and the spirit of craftsmanship, IHAVE brand has made a splendid hit in the industry at the beginning of the market, and at the same time, the IHAVE brand also contains the characteristic connotation of "people-oriented". The underlying logic of i is the philosophical pursuit of "self", "ego" and "superego", which represents the brand's concern for every independent individual, every unique "I" and every product that comes out of the world, based on which it pursues excellent quality, provides perfect service and creates extraordinary value.


In the future, IHAVE brand will be based on "people-oriented", adhere to the "technology innovation + design innovation" as the innovation-driven development of the dual engine, continue to improve the brand strength, from the brand, market, R & D, production, social responsibility, and other angles of the "whole chain" development, with innovation and wisdom, to provide customers with the expected products and services, to help the electronic atomization industry innovation and change development!


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